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This is us...

This is us...
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Eastleigh Bonsai Society

How we work...

Eastleigh Bonsai Society is a small friendly Society so while these notes may sound formal they state the letter of the Constitution, the Society however is more co-operative than this and in general operates on a consensus basis.
The Society is governed by its Constitution which establishes a Committee to manage the day to day activity of the Society in the interests of the Members.  Positions are held on an annual basis and are open to all.  Our Annual General Meeting is held at the December meeting of the Society.
Membership runs from 1 Januaryto 31 December each year.

Our heritage...

Eastleigh Bonsai Society is one of the oldest in the area, celebrating our 25th anniversary in 2006 we are pleased to be an ongoing force in UK bonsai.  We are Members of the Federation of British Bonsai Societies and network with a number of the local Societies to provide as wide a range of bonsai activity as possible.
The Society's early history is shrouded in the fog of time but it is established that initial meetings were held in Members homes.  Solent Bonsai Society seeded some spin off Societies in the area and at some point the embyonic Eastleigh and spun off Solent contingents joined forces and established Eastleigh Bonsai Society in its present form. 
Meeting at Homes in the heart of Southampton initially the Society came to meetings at the Baptist Hall in Eastleigh for a number of years.  Briefly we met at the Nightingales Centre and then moved to our present venue at the Gregg School.
We look back today to a solid tradition of bonsai in Eastleigh and look forward to the Society's future, please visit us and tell us how we might meet your bonsai needs.

Who does what...

     Paul Eslinger
     014 8978 9962
     Christine Smith
     023 8049 5553
     Tony O'Brien    
Committee Member
      Di Wills
     023 8049 1513
Committee Member
     Robert Stewart
Committee Member

Local Bonsai - start simple, progress at your pace,
club, national and international standards are all within the realm of the possible